Nibble’s latest Case Study highlights +51% Engagement and New Features


We’re proud to release our latest case study with long-standing Nibble client, Cyprinus. Within the case study are the stories behind some of our latest great stats – over the course of our first two months working with Cyprinus, Nibble achieved a fantastic +51% increase in user engagement and a +11.2% increase in conversion.

More than numbers, this case study highlights a new feature we’ve just released, built specifically based on valuable feedback from Cyprinus. They wanted an option to be more involved in negotiations that were close to converting but didn’t quite reach a deal — and Nibble listened.

Introducing Nibble’s latest new feature: Recovered Nibbles

Recovered Nibbles can activate whenever a user doesn’t agree an automatic deal with Nibble. At this point, Nibble can prompt the user for their email address. Did you know, over 41% of Nibble users provide their email when asked?

Once the user has provided their email address, Nibble shows the retailer the user’s best offer. Retailers then have three options:

  • Accept the user’s final offer and give the customer a special, personal discount 👍
  • Reject the user’s final offer and let them negotiate again 👎
  • Send a final counter-offer, alongside their own custom message, to give the user one last chance to convert at a price that works for both buyer and seller 💥

This feature has amazing potential for retailers who want the option to be more engaged in those particularly tricky negotiations – think of high-ticket items that need a little more attention, or those times when you know a customer is SO close to converting but just needs one final, personal nudge.

See the full details in the case study – and there’s more to come

Want to know all the details? Read our full Cyprinus case study here.

Since publishing this study, we’ve gone on to develop custom copy specifically for Cyprinus and their customers. More than just fishing jokes (but there are some in there), custom copy allows Nibble to stress the unique selling points Cyprinus can offer, reminding shoppers of the brand values and the quality of the products on offer; all seamlessly within the chat.

Early clients like Cyprinus have been instrumental in helping us shape Nibble with valuable feedback and insights. We can’t wait to show you what feature we’re working on next. 😉


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