The Guide to Negotiating with Santa over Christmas 2022


You might need to negotiate with Santa if you’re hoping to open lots of presents this year. Thankfully, our charming chatbot Nibble is a negotiation pro and has the inside scoop on how to get the best stuff on Christmas Day. Ready? Here we go:

🎅  Santa goes all-out if you’ve been nice 

Christmas comes once a year, but Santa’s always watching, so make sure you’re not doing anything that will get on the naughty list. Nibble’s heard he even bundles in more sweet treats for people who have been nice over the whole year.  

🎁  How to ask for the BIG presents 

If you’re asking for a new-gen console, an electric scooter, or anything else expensive, what can you promise Father Christmas in exchange? Will you tidy up more around the house, or do the dishes more often? Kids and adults alike, this tip is relevant for all of you. 😉

🧐  Downplay bad behaviour with a psychological strategy 

If you’ve done something particularly bad to land yourself on the naughty list this year, all hope is not lost. Plead your case by being honest and introducing other smaller wrongdoings – this will lessen the impact of your biggest offence on Santa’s judgement. 

This is known as the “dilution effect” and is a fascinating cognitive quirk. To learn more, check out this TED Talk by our Senior Advisor Niro Sivanathan.  

🍪  Don’t forget the cookies and milk 

You need to put out the good stuff on Christmas Eve to stand out – we’re talking Cravendale whole-fat milk and M&S double chocolate chip cookies. If these go down well, Santa might throw in a last-minute bonus present! 

😇  Always tell the truth 

Santa’s got a great background-checking system – the FBI use the same one. Make sure you’re being honest when you tell him why you deserve your presents! If you’re caught lying, you could be put on his No-Present list.  

(Don’t worry, worst-case, we’ll get Nibble to have a word with him and get you back into Santa’s good books ASAP)  

📝  Be specific, or Santa might get it wrong! 

Santa’s got billions of houses to get to on Christmas Eve. His sleigh is faster than a Tesla, but he doesn’t have time to research gifts. Be exact when you’re asking for presents – otherwise you might end up with a stuffed cat when you were asking for a real one. Oops. 🐱 

️  Negotiation skills aren’t just for Christmas 

You use negotiation strategies all the time in your daily life – far more often than most people realise. Make sure to take advantage of any opportunity to improve your skills. It pays to be able to negotiate well, whether you’re asking for big things on Christmas Day or just trying to get a better price online. (Psst, Nibble can help with that, too.) 


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