Nibble available on the Shopify App Store


LONDON, 2 February 2021 – Nibble, a new ecommerce technology company, has launched its Nibble Shopify App, bringing unique negotiation technology for a fun, personalised shopping experience to all Shopify retailers.

Nibble customers can negotiate a personalised price with a smart (& fun) chatbot in your Shopify store. Nibble improves customer LTV, promotional impact, on-website conversion and mitigates cart abandonment. Nibble’s negotiation allows you to personalise pricing at scale, without complex data integration, and it’s fun for your consumers.

Key benefits for Nibble ecommerce clients:

  • Customer engagement: 2 minutes of negotiation, and it makes you laugh
  • Improved conversion: a third of conversations get to an agreed deal
  • Better Margin: targeted discount for each customer

“We have learned from our clients that Nibble is a flexible tool and can solve a range of problems, feel free to get in touch” said Co-Founder & CEO, Rosie Bailey.

Nibble is offering a free trial to all retailers who download the app before 31 March and full personal support. Installation of the Shopify App takes 10 minutes. Contact our team directly using hello@nibble.team

About Nibble
Nibble is an AI powered negotiation ecommerce tool creating a fun, personalised and engaging connection between consumers and retailers. To learn more, visit our website https://nibble.shop