Nibble launches Negotiate on Quantity


Increase sales and average order value with intelligent multi-buy negotiations

Nibble's latest update brings a powerful new feature to the award-winning chatbot: Negotiate on Quantity.

Buying multiples of the same product is a very common scenario that we see frequently with our customers, especially in health, wellness, food and drink.

Nibble recognises when shoppers are asking to update the number of items they are trying to buy and will instantly update the basket, confirm the quantity, calculate the total price, and launch a negotiation based on the new amount. 

Nibble can be set to proactively offer multi-buy discounts, or recognise shoppers' multi-buy offers and counteroffers and respond according to the retailer's pre-set rules. This is ideal for products consumers often do not buy singly, for example, a set of car tyres or bottles of wine. 

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On the surface, this sounds simple. But teaching an AI chatbot the difference between "I want to buy this for 10?" and "I want to buy 10 of them" is no easy task. Just consider the hundreds of different ways people can say these two sentences! Luckily, Nibble is a fast learner.

Negotiate on Quantity is available now on all Nibble pricing plans and is easily set up in the admin panel. Please contact us if you would like further details for your business at hello@nibble.team

About Nibble 

Nibble is an AI negotiation chatbot for ecommerce that creates a fun, personalised connection between consumers and retailers, allowing shoppers to agree their own deal in under a minute. Retailers can deploy Nibble for many uses, including to improve on-website conversion, boost engagement and mitigate cart abandonment.


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