Mastering everyday negotiation: Nibble on the Retail Transformation Show


Learn the practical fundamentals of the science of negotiation - the most well-researched area of behavioural psychology.

These are the tactics we can all deploy in anything from striking a deal in our professional lives, to securing our next payrise or even buying our next house or car.

And of course, these principles are all baked into how Nibble negotiates with your customers, and why it is so effective at securing more deals while giving away less margin.

Quotes from the show:

"Negotiation is not just a haggle on price. Try and find the win-win - especially if you want to preserve a positive relationship with the other side."  

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"Nibble deploys light touch humour to lighten  conversations and preserve relationships - a tactic that works well in human-to-human negotiation too." 

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"Arguably Nibble's most powerful tactic is Reasons - not haggling just over price, but reiterating brand values to explain why a low offer can't be accepted."

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06:59 Preparing for your negotiation and knowing your "BATNA" 

09:11 The Power of Free

11:33 Where and how to start 

14:38 The importance of win-win scenarios

15:15 Know your value to the other side

16:50 The negotiation itself

19:31 Why reasons for rejecting offers are important

20:55 How Nibble applies these principles in an AI negotiation

22.40 "Anchoring" and why it is so important

26:00 Walking away & Rosie's secret tip


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